Welcome to the beginning of the challenge. The first week will by far be the most difficult; as is with any change in your life. The importance of reading this quote, believing it, and identifying with it is crucial for your success throughout this challenge. Everyday, especially during the first week, you will face many temptations of failure. This is anything that will not help you in succeeding daily and keep you moving towards your end goal. During the first week, and also throughout the entire challenge, the most common temptations are going to be food- based. These will be foods that you are used to eating that you have given up because they are unhealthy, or favorite foods that are temporarily unavailable but will tempt you and this is where the quote comes into play. If your goal, your why, your reason, is not great enough; does not touch you emotionally enough, you will struggle not giving into these temptations. However, if you have a goal great enough; nothing can get in your way. For example, if you are a parent and your goal is to “lose 10 pounds,” saying no to one brownie is not a make or break, but if your goal is to be healthy for your children and lose weight in order to be more active in their lives, then saying no the brownie will be much easier. Aesthetic goals are great, such as weighing a certain amount, being a percent body fat, or fitting into a size of pants, but have a deeper reason in your mind of why achieving those goals are so important to you. You will achieve those goals along the way and get closer and closer to your end goal. Having reminders of these goals all around you will help you during times of temptation and cravings. Dig deep and find your goal, and temptation will have no chance against you.


The squat is by far one of the best, yet most basic exercises out there. Whether you are training for strength, weight loss, body building, or for a sport, you will always be instructed to do a squat. Performing the squat correctly creates an upper and lower body workout. The upper body and core are constantly working to create stability while the lower body lifts the pay load. The squat is such a great exercise because it is working the largest muscles of the body. This releases a lot of testosterone, which aids in muscle growth, and it also exerts a great deal of energy, which helps to boost the metabolism. Since the muscles being worked are so large, the body takes a while to heal them after the workout. During this healing process, energy is needed. This aids in a higher metabolism even after you have left the gym.

The important things to note about performing a squat correctly are:

  • Keep your back straight
  • Keep the weight in your heels (not your toes)
  • Keep your neck straight (not looking upwards)
More on the squat: If a squat rack is not available, it may be adjusted to what is known as a landmine squat (left), or replaced with a dumbbell or kettle bell, known as a goblet squat (right). Neither are better nor worse; it is all about what fits best for the individual and the weights available. If you are a total beginner, do not worry about adding any weight. Simply use your body weight and concentrate on good form. The strength will come and you will have a bar across your back before you know it!

Nutritional Tip:


Everyone knows we are made up mostly of water! So many common problems, such as headaches, are actually signs of dehydration. As you change your diet and detox your system, the major detail you need to think about is getting rid of the waste! The key to this is water! As toxins are released and your system is cleansed, you need to “keep things moving” inside and the best way to do this is to drink as much water as possible. Adding natural probiotics to the water, like lemon, will also help with the process. Give your body the basic building blocks it needs and help it rid itself of years of waste.

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