ALTERA CLVX, The Other 165, educates you on nutrition and the way your body was meant to be nourished, instead of learning from commercials purely designed for profit.  It demonstrates that the 165 hours of the week outside of a fitness center are the most important and creates a sustainable way of living while pursuing true health.  The CLXV program is based around creating small and simple daily habits by adding beneficial foods to your routine.  Unlike most crash diets, the CLXV program is broken into 13 steps to slow the process of detoxification.  We do this so our clients do not feel the harsh reactions to extremely detoxing the body in a short period of time.  This will allow clients to live their normal lives without feeling lethargic and sick, yet still ridding their body from years of built up toxins.  Throughout the 13 steps, you are not just told what you eat, yet educated on the foods, minerals, and also your body so you can listen to your own inner voice rather than depending on a program.  Our main goal is long-term health; not short term, temporary aesthetic results.  After completing the CLXV program you will understand what it feels like to be “clean” on the inside, have more energy, and be able to make smart choices while still living your life to the fullest through holidays, parties, and traveling.  Find your 100% potential; it begins from the inside out.  ALTERA CLXV