FIIT. Focused, Intelligent, Intentional, Training


FOCUSED – so many people just go through the motions; especially with today’s popularity in cardio based training.  The thought that, if you come out soaking wet with sweat, it must have been a good workout.  Also, the popular belief that if you are “pushing” more weight than the guy next to you, you will get bigger faster.  ALTERA takes a step back and asks the questions, “what is your actual goal?”  If you want to gain muscle, “what muscle are you trying to work?”  You want to build your chest?  Then stop using your shoulder, triceps, and traps to help get the bar off your chest.  Lets lower the amount of weight, take out the helper muscles, and actually see how much your chest is capable of pushing.  Lets make sure you are doing the movement properly to help prevent injury.  Let’s control the negative aspect of the rep because that is where strength is built.  Take this method, focus, and apply it to every muscle and movement you do.  That is ALTERA FIIT.



INTELLIGENT – do you even lift bro?  Sure doesn’t look like you know what you are doing.  And it’s ashame because you are putting in hours every day and week.  Do you know someone, or multiple people, who fit this description?  Let’s not just be busy in the gym, let’s be productive.  Overtraining is a huge cause of injury and lack of results.  Not being flexible, having knots in your muscles, etc. are all problems that need to be addressed in order to keep your body in tip top shape!  ALTERA takes a very educated approach to fitness.  Having a full time personal trainer for everything but spotting you, if you may.  Quality over quantity.  That is ALTERA FIIT.


INTENTIONAL – so why are you doing 1000 crunches? Muscles get bigger the same in your abdominal area the same as they do anywhere else.  If you want a smaller waist line, crunches are not the answer!  Let’s slow down, and actually do exercise that are intentional, rather than because they are part of a program you found on line.  When you do an exercise, do it in the proper way rather than just worrying about getting your 8-10 reps.  ALTERA takes a very intentional approach to every movement you make.  If you are doing curls, are you fully flexing your biceps? Or are you using momentum?  Don’t waste your time; it’s too valuable!  Let us help you get the same intensity of workout in a half hour than you usually do in a full hour!  Exercise with a purpose.  That is ALTERA FIIT.


TRAINING – take all three of these points and put them into a training regimen that is time tested.  We teach the basics of building muscle and losing fat.  High and low intensity cardio.  Good form to help with posture.  Again, what is your reason for doing this?  Whatever the reason, let us decide what is the best way to go about that.  We will focus on your goals, have an intelligent approach, use intentional movements with proper form, and train like there is no tomorrow!  Welcome to ALTERA FIIT.