Female Workouts – UPDATED!


It’s not about heavy weight, even on leg day.  Find a good weight you can control with perfect form and it’s all about the contraction of the muscles.  Take the lighter weight and make it heavy!

Find a weight you can complete 7-12 reps with PERFECT FORM.  When your form goes, your set is done.  PUSH YOURSELF!

If you have time to complete 5 workouts, complete ALL 5 rather than repeating the FIIT as SHIIT workouts!

***Exercises are usually completed in circuit style.  First complete suggested number of rounds of top exercises and then complete the suggested number of sets of the italicized exercises.***

Day 1 FIIT as SHIIT Workout (6 pts!) – any questions TEXT US!!!
Treadmill Intervals for 12 minutes (minimum 8 incline for 2 minutes jogging, then 2 minutes walking, and back to 2 minutes walking, etc. for 12 minutes total)
THEN 4 Rounds of the following:
Pistol Squats (one legged) onto a bench
Hollow Holds 45 seconds
Dumbbell Shoulder raises (alternating front and lateral)
Burpees 10 for round 1, 12 for round 2, 14 for round 3, 16 for round 4


Day 1 (at least 4 rounds)
Dumbbell Squats into Press
Walking Lunges – step and hold, 2 curls, 2 presses, then step other leg; REPEAT for 10 total reps
Lat pulldown
Russian Twists
Dumbbell reverse flys
Push Ups (use Smith machine if necessary – 10 PERFECT reps!)
Planks with slow alternating mtn climbers

Day 2 FIIT as SHIIT Workout (6 pts!) – any questions TEXT US!
4 minutes of Intervals – 30 seconds each in order

  • jumping jacks
  • frog jumps
  • jogging in place
  • high knees
  • jumping jacks
  • mountain climbers
  • jogging in place
  • burpees

3 minutes of weight training – 1 minute each with maximum 20 sec rest in between

  • dumbbell front loaded squats
  • dumbbell curl into shoulder presses
  • dumbbell deadlifts

2 minutes of core – 1 minute each with maximum 25 sec rest in between

  • Russian Twists
  • Forearm plank into push up plank (up and down continuously repeat)

1 minute rest
***REPEAT AT LEAST 1 more time – 2 more times (3 total earns an extra point!)***



Day 2 (at least 4 rounds)
Hamstring curls unilateral (one leg at a time)
Bench/Dumbbell press
Dumbbell curls
Planks with shoulder touches
Dumbbell Lateral Raises
Rows (hammer strength or cable)
Side Planks (30 seconds each side)

Day 3 (at least 4 rounds and 3 rounds of core)
Step ups with Dumbbell in opposite hand as foot on box
Alternating Dumbbell curl into Press
Reverse lunges with curls
Static Wall Squats with Medicine ball in between knees (40 secs)
Push ups
Russian twists
Slow bicycles