Male Workouts – UPDATED!


It’s not about heavy weight, even on leg day.  Find a good weight you can control with perfect form and it’s all about the contraction of the muscles.  Take the lighter weight and make it heavy!

Find a weight you can complete 7-12 reps with PERFECT FORM.  When your form goes, your set is done.  PUSH YOURSELF!

***Exercises are usually completed in circuit style.  First complete suggested number of rounds of top exercises and then complete the suggested number of sets of the italicized exercises.***



Squat – 4 reps heavy – 10 reps lighter (all perfect form!)
Leg Extensions – unilateral
Rows – Any kind
Renegade Rows (8 reps each side)
Tricep Push Downs
Rope Face Pulls
Planks (alternating shoulder touches)
Russian Twists

Bench Press – Barbell
Smith Machine Slight Incline Press (3 second negative on each rep)
Curls (machine or cable)
Rear Delt DB Rev. Flys
Cross Cable Flys – High for 8-10, low until failure, flexing curls until failure
Wide Grip Push Ups until failure
DB Curls

Deadlift – 5 heavy – 10 reps lighter with band slightly above knees
DB Shoulder Press
Lateral DB Raises
Deadlift – Reverse Curl – Military Press (LIGHT WEIGHT – 4 sec negative on deadlift)
Slow Bicycles (1min)
Leg Lifts
Front Raises Lateral Raises Alternating until Failure

Lat Pulldown
Hammer Rows (controlled – 3 sec negative)
Tricep Push Downs
Leg Extensions (on leg at a time)
Lat Pulldown (palms facing you)
Negative Pushups/holds
Walking Lunge – step, hold at bottom, 3 curls, 3 presses – Repeat for 10 total reps