Daily Nutritional Guidelines

Here are the guidelines we recommend following to yield the best results!

Transitioning to Healthy


As you move through the 13 STEP program, you will do your best to try and immediately implement as many of these recommendations as possible, every day.  Making sure you achieve your major STEP GOAL you are currently on, such as drinking your lemon water daily, is first priority.  But try and also add these recommendations to help speed the detox and nutritional fill-up process along the way!

Lemon Water
  • Drink at least 8 oz. of water/lemon water daily prior to anything else

    • Fresh squeezed lemon juice
    • Start with less and add more as your taste buds allow
Herbal Tea
  • Add decaffeinated herbal tea with honey/lemon/ginger at night to help with detox process
    • Try different teas to find one you enjoy!
    • Try adding all three probiotics; but one is better than none!
Fresh Fruit
  • Eat fresh fruit or frozen fruit in a shake for breakfast

    • Look at Breakfast Recipe photos for different ways to enjoy your fruit!
    • If consuming animal protein for breakfast as well; ALWAYS consume fruit FIRST!
  • Eat at least 1/2 of raw avocado daily

    • Look at Lunch Recipe photos for different ways to enjoy your avocado!
  • Transition any dairy out of your diet within the first week

    • Try different non-dairy milks to find one you like.
    • This process may be a transition; whole > 2% > skim > flavored almond > unsweetened
Raw Greens
  • Add raw greens to at least one meal daily

Animal Intake
  • Limit animal protein to 6 oz. or less at a sitting

Breads and Pastas
  • Switch to sprouted grain breads
  • Switch to sprouted grain OR bean pastas
Sugars and Sweeteners
  • Any added sugar/artificial sweetener added to coffee or other beverages; cut in half during week one, half again week two, and completely out of diet week 3


Snack in between meals based on Healthy Food Recommendations

Fill yourself nutritionally to help with smaller meal portions

Pack smart snacks and take with you; always be prepared and make snacking convenient

Snack prior to your meal if you are going out to eat

BE SMART if you know you are about to be put in an inconvenient situation