Picture Challenge Winners!

WINNER – Shawna Lupini – 10pts!

   “I believe that running is the best metaphor for life…the most important part is the journey…the ups and downs have taught me to enjoy the struggle and simply live in the moment and give my best, because ultimately that’s all anyone can do.
Stepping up and taking responsibility for the things you want to create in life is a big deal and it’s not easy.  You have to do what’s right for you because nobody is walking in your shoes  ( the sneaker in the pic is the winning shoes of the Boston Marathon~my huge dream to run someday)
My goals and aspirations in the fitness world keep me moving towards amazing things in my personal life.  Fitness has taught me to never give up when you’re tired and push through the toughest days. I am determined to be better than I was yesterday, for myself and all those who matter most in my life (My granddaughters face is in the toe of the shoe).
Every person you look up to, every hero you aspire to be like~that’s you looking at a reflection of your own awesomeness!(This is represented by the last & biggest part of the picture…my cousin and I running in a half marathon last week…she pushes me to be the best runner I can be and has been by my side every step of the way).
The older I become, the more health and wellness takes priority.  I have goals and I’m still working on me, but each day I wake up above ground and I’m given another chance at life, I thank God and give it my all!!”



2nd Place – Alexandra Woytko – 10pts!

“So one of my main goals is to go to culinary school one day in the hopes of becoming a personal chef for professional athletes. I’m using this fitness and nutrition journey and ALTERA’s mantra to help me stay focused, be inspired, and give me the confidence I’ll need to succeed in school.”



Thank you to all who submitted a photo! Dig deep and find the goal strong enough to overcome all temptation of failure!